Monday, March 31, 2008

Interior: Bryan Fuller Is Brilliant


Cours de Cours→ One of my favourite current shows is Pushing Daisies, created by Bryan Fuller who was also behind Dead Like Me (another one of my favourites!). He co-created Wonderfalls and wrote for Heroes and Star Trek but Pushing Daisies is my absolute, heart string pulling show. I love the sweet story lines, the quirky characters, the old timey vibe, the million and one visual delights in the costumes, the sets and the colours, oh the colours!

The Piemaker Maker→I was pleased tocome across an article on Bryan Fuller's home complete with pictures. What a geek I am, I immediately noticed the little monkeys from the pilot of Pushing Daisies and the little stack of Wonderfalls/Dead Like Me books or DVDs. His home is decorated with childlike glee, there is such a sense of fun and enjoyment in every object, piece of furniture, pattern and colour - "Zebra-print wallpaper and upholstery mixed with boldly colored chinoiserie furniture, lighting and window treatments exude Hollywood Regency glamour. A menagerie of animals and bugs in bronze, bone and ceramic scream neo-Victorian eccentricity, as does a bowl filled with lifelike glass eyes."

He has Eddie Munster's werewolf doll, a Gollum statue and an army of film paraphernalia, quite honestly I think this might be my new favourite interior inspiration!

Spot the golden monkey!^
The article

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