Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cats, Nerd's and Determined Journalists

Cats and Balding Men Don't Mix Well → Further proof that cats will eat anything, this cat went into heart failure after licking a hair growth product off it's owner head. The thought of a cat cleaning it's owners bald scalp makes me laugh but the subsequent almost dead cat doesn't tickle my fancy so much. Which reminds me, one time my Dad came running inside our house excitedly to show me something. When I went with him I found it was a dead cat, which had gone all stiff and had it's eyes open. It was one of the creepiest things I've ever found in the backyard.
Nerdy TV Show Calls For Nerdy Viewers To Suggest Nerdy Props → The completely brilliant, hilarious and quite, quite dorky show The IT Crowd is asking for suggestions for their set, the IT department, which is like a giant game of 'spot the internet meme'. Who doesn't love a show with audience participation? (Unless of course it's one of those insane street performers who want you to stand stock still while they juggle flaming batons next to your head).
Journalist Continues Report After Being Shot On Air → That's dedication! The journo was reporting on the Georgia/Russia conflict and was shot in the left arm by a sniper's bullet and after ducking for cover she continued her report. It's surprising that doesn't happen more often, considering the amount of journo's in war zones. I don't know whether that's impressive or insane!

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