Thursday, August 28, 2008

Claudia Kishi, Middle School Dropout

With all the 1990's flashbacks that seem to be popping up lately I can't help but think of my favourite 90's reading material, Babysitters Club books! I threw mine out when I moved house a couple of years ago and deeply regretted it until I spotted a bunch at the local op shop for 50 cents and oh, the memories have come flooding back. So I thought, why not devote a post to the BSC.

All pics from Dibbly Fresh

The Hidden Bookcase A big old Babysitters Club resource, my favourite part is the merchandise. Um...a Mallory doll? Why would they take time to specify how ugly Mallory is in every book and then try and sell a doll in her image?
Dibbly Fresh A photo gallery of all the covers, TV shows and the movie.
BSC Snark An analysis of the hilarious and unrealistic world of the BSC.
What Claudia Wore A blog about Claudia's outfits, which were always the best part of the books!
Claudia's Room More snarkiness about the books.

And movie Claudia...oh 1995! So fashion forward!

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