Friday, September 26, 2008

Fashion That Reminds Me Of Art

Gustav Klimt and Aquilano e Rimondi
Gustav Klimt was an Austrian artist and the son of a gold engraver. His paintings and murals were highly detailed and intricate, luxurious and complex. The Aquilano e Rimondi collection immediately made me think of Klimt, with the heavy gold necklaces, metallics and abstract patterns.

David Hockney and Pringle of Scotland
David Hockney was part of the pop art movement in the 60's, was a friend of Andy Warhol (as every pop artist seemed to be!) and is well known for his swimming pool series which was the inspiration behind Pringle of Scotland's collection this season. The runway was painted with a blue Hockney-esque splash that extended to the prints on the fabric and the colours and fabrics are as fresh, crisp and clean as Hockney's paintings.

Marcel Duchamp and Missoni
Missoni has always reminded me of Marcel Duchamp's early work, particularly "Nude Descending a Staircase, No. 2" which has the angles and pattern that the Missoni designers love. Duchamp's painting embraced the ideals of the Cubists who were inspired by technology, machinery and geometry, the rejection of nature and the embrace of the synthetic and after having spent far too long on an essay about Cubism I can't ignore how well the two meld together.

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