Friday, September 5, 2008

Lorick & Modern Ruins

New York Fashion Week began today & while flicking through Zimbio I was struck by how amazing the sets for the Lorick presentation were. Abigail Lorick is the designer behind Blair's mother's collection on Gossip Girl. You can find fantastic coverage of the show here. But more on the 7 sets for the presentation!

After the Storm

A Room of One's Own

Overgrown Garden

In Limbo

Bedroom Disaster

Cake Coma
Demolition Party No photos, it's the only setting I really didn't like. It's very industrial, lots of caution tape and rusty chains.
Photos from

Modern Ruins → The most fascinating photographs of modern ruins like abandoned orphanages, mills, jails, insane asylums (these are particularly creepy!) and even Holy Land USA by Shaun O'Boyle. Every photo is like a movie set & it's scary to think the tiny cells held people, the scratches on the walls were left by real live fingernails and hundreds of parentless little girls listened to Nuns play the music left on the piano.

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