Saturday, September 13, 2008

These flowery waters and these watery flowers

Yesterday was beautifully warm, 31 degrees (that's 87 Fahrenheit), and the sunshine is completely welcome after a long, cold and rainy Winter. On the other side of the world, all the leaves are turning brown and the days are getting shorter. Either way, I love seasonal changes. It's as though nature is waking up after a long sleep, or getting ready for bed after a long day.
Air Your Duvet → The world would be a better place if everybody was sleeping beneath a duvet/doona/comforter that had just spent the afternoon with the breeze blowing out the cobwebs (not literally of course, I would be very concerned if a person was willingly sleeping in a spider infested bed). I don't care how geriatric this sounds, but I look forward to the perfect afternoon to have the sun work it's magic on my duvet. If you can be bothered, flip and vacuum your matress. It's one of the small Spring/Autumn cleaning tasks that make everything a little fresher, cleaner and lighter.
Read Robert Frost → Be still my heart, I love Robert Frost's poetry about seasons. I find his words heady, rich and lingering, like a perfume that tumbles around you with every breath, just overwhelmingly perfect. I like to scribble the lines I particularly like on post its and stick them to the wall beside my bed. Some seasonally appropriate poems: A Prayer In Spring & Spring Pools or if you're entering Autumn Dust Of Snow & October
The Rachel Zoe Project 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 I posted the link to a preview episode of The Rachel Zoe Project a month ago and now the series has premiered. The first episode which had me foaming at the mouth for the majority of the time, and the rest of the time I was trying to figure out whether he husband was actually straight. Miss Zoe is wearing a big gold cheetah ring throughout the episode which made me very excited, I bought one exactly like it last week (from Equip, for any Aussies) for $15 and can only imagine the price tag attached to hers. I love it when that happens!!!

Sabyasachi → Another favourite from NY Fashion Week, I love the hot little librarian vibe, the patterns that remind me of feathers and mosaics and the colours, those glorious colours!

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