Saturday, October 4, 2008

Pushing Daisies Favourites

Today is grey and muggy, unlike yesterday, and I don't feel like lying on my balcony with my hair knotted on top of my head and a paper fan in my hand. Today I want to do something, I wanted to find something wonderful to read and a new tinted moisturiser. FYI, I bought one of the Penguin Classics "High Fidelity" by Nick Hornby and Face of Australia's Tinted Moisturiser (SPF 30+!).
Otherwise, I feel it's time to get all a flutter about the new episode of Pushing Daisies which I loved. So here are some of my favourite parts of the episode.

The rooftop seems to be the magical spot where everything sweet and adorable happens. Ned secretly setting up the beehives for Chuck, Ned and Chuck dancing together in their bee keeper suits, Chuck pouring dead bees on Ned who made them live again. The last one sounds absurd and painful but in context...oh, the context! I loved Chucks sweet lingerie set and the bright garden that's blossomed since the first season.

The little yellow dresses that popped up throughout the show were adorable, it's as though Chuck is a daisy in her own right. Plus the combination of yellow, gingham and lace in the second dress was so perfectly summery I immediately wondered where I could find something similar. My advice, op shops. Look in the sleepwear/lingerie section as there are usually a lot of frothy white night dresses in the right shape, with lace necklines that can be easily dyed.

The bee microphone was just the sweetest spy device. You can find bee hat pins and brooches on ebay, just type "bee" into the jewellery search engine. There's a LOT of interesting pieces that pop up.
Also, a dress just like Chuck's floral 50's sundress can be found in Tree of Life (for any Aussies on the look out). It's actually sunflowers but the print is so similar you can barely tell.

Olive's hair. My hair is at that awkward growing out length where I can't figure out what to do with it other than pinning it back. But problem solved by Olive the pocket rocket! I never thought of curling the bottom but it seems like the ultimate way to create a style while hiding the in between length.

Olive as a nun. Simply put, cutest nun ever.

And finally, Ned and the mountains of books rescued from the Aunt's house to surprise Chuck. In the pilot episode we saw Chuck reading her way through a lifetimes worth of books as she wanted to absorb lives and experiences that she couldn't have herself. I suppose when a person uses books for that purpose they become like friends. The whole scene was the icing on the cake.

Have a wonderful weekend, whatever you're doing. We have a long weekend here so Monday is going to be lazy, lazy, lazy.


Ali said...

I loved everything about this episode!! The Betty's Bees offices, so happy and honey-like. Chuck moving into Olive's apartment (I liked Olive's hair better last season..). And Ned just seemed cuter than ever this episode. Also Emerson's pop-up book, I love Emerson! hehe. yay new season. so happy!

Pop Culture said...

Yeah, the really short bob looked so adorable on Olive.
Lil Gum Shoe! I'm so excited that they're going further into Emerson's life. I love him and his knitting.

ana mier said...

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