Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wrapped Crystal Pendants

I'm currently completely mad for crystal pendants, the big, chunky, Tina Chow inspired kind. I found a little crystal pendant at the markets a while ago but in my usual drag queen way I wanted something much bigger and much more exaggerated. Turns out it wasn't that tricky, finding the right crystal took about 5 seconds, $3 and a piece of spare wire that was taking up space in one of my drawers and I have my pendant!

The original pendant, the crystal that became a pendant (got to take a picture of the finished product!)

Tina Chow and her magnificant jewellery designs, which now sell for a pretty penny!
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Some similar pendants on etsy: One Two Three Four Five Six Seven (wow!)


Anonymous said...

I adore Tina Chow jewellery! I bought 2 crystal necklaces for Christmas (a beetle one and a dragonfly one, hearts and all that stuff are cheezy). They are so classy but fun.

(voguelover94 on TFS)

Pop Culture said...

Ohhh, I'm so jealous!
Woo, another TFSer. We're going to rule the world one day :)