Friday, January 16, 2009

Cecilia's Wedding Dress

Reading "The Virgin Suicides" → The movie was great, it was visually gorgeous, the music was dreamy and haunting, the actresses were as blonde and melancholic as the characters in the book but the movie didn't fulfill me, story wise. The book is magnificent. I'm not going to book bash (like bible bashing only way less hell/crucifixions/leprosy) but it's only 250 pages so you can devour it in a night and it will melt your heart like candle wax. It's brilliant.

There are some lovely passages about Cecilia, the youngest daughter, flitting around wearing a dirty wedding dress in the listless, tired and soft manner of the terribly depressed.

"In the following days we saw Cecilia a lot. She would sit on her front steps, picking red berries off the bushes and eating them, or staining her palms with the juice. She always wore the wedding dress and her bare feet were dirty. In the afternoons, when sun lit the front yard, she would watch ants swarming in sidewalk cracks or lie on her back in fertilized grass staring up at the clouds. One of her sisters always accompanied her. Therese brought science books onto the front steps, studying photographs of deep space and looking up whenever Cecilia strayed to the edge of the yard. Lux spread out beach towels and lay suntanning while Cecilia scratched Arabic designs on her own leg with a stick. At other times Cecilia would accost her guard, hugging her neck and whispering in her ear."

"Cecilia was wearing, as usual, the wedding dress with the shorn hem. The dress was vintage 1920s. It had sequins on the bust she didn't fill out, and someone, either Cecilia herself or the owner of the used clothing store, had cut off the bottom of the dress with a jagged stroke so that it ended above Cecilia's chafed knees. She sat on the barstool, staring into her punch glass, and the shapeless bag of a dress fell over her. She had coloured her lips with red crayon, which gave her face a deranged harlot look, but she acted as though no one was there."

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