Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Post WWII Fashion...sort of

While I'm incredibly sick of hearing the word 'recession' and think it should be stricken to one of the outer rings of hell I can't ignore the fact that designers seem to be creating simple, classic and dignified war time pieces, veering towards something altogether...uh oh....recession friendly.
Now, I obviously don't mean bank account friendly because a beautifully made piece of clothing will always cost more than throw away fashion but I see investment pieces springing out from the pages of in a way that makes me want to cull my wardrobe to an elegant minimum. It reminds me very much of the post WWII utility clothing when fabrics were in limited supply, wardrobes were simple and new items were only added when it was absolutely neccessary and affordable (no whacking things on credit!). It might have been hard but those women knew how to mend their clothes and how to spend their money wisely.
Of course it's the height of summer here and the last thing anybody wants to do is layer or wear a coat or even think about pulling on a pair of stockings but I know that this winter my focus will be on finding the perfect rationed, Phi-esque pieces. 1 structured jacket, 2 long cardigans in utilitarian colours, 1 pair of long leather gloves, 1 statement dress, 1 pair of excessively high platforms and 2 broken ankles.
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