Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cute things & Osvald, My Baby

I'm writing this entry on my new, teensy tiny laptop (which is so cute it's ridiculous. Is it weird to hug a computer?) and it's got me in the most squishy, girly, cute hunting mood.
Cookie cutters from

The couple that wear adorable hats together...stays together? From

Adorable illustrations by Jessica Hische. Have a look at her site, her pictures are cute and funny and clever.

Sometimes my cat has has makes funny meows and squeaks in her sleep, I think it's because she's dreaming. I thought it was the cutest thing ever. Until I saw this bunny....

The person that posted the video had the include a disclaimer because people were concerned the rabbit had breathing problems because it was snuffling and squeaking away. I suppose it's kind of like the rabbit version of snoring and sleep talking though?

Finally, my baby laptop...the keyboard is much, MUCH smaller than I'm used to (it's about a third of the size of a normal keyboard) so I'm making typos left, right and center but it's got all the applications I need, comes with a built in web cam (great for Skype!) and has 160GB storage. Basically, it's a good laptop for school or Uni because it's very small, has enough room for all the apps I need, has a built in modem and can be hooked up to a regular keyboard and screen when I want to work in full size. Oh, and it was only $599 Australian. Wow, I am such a nerd.
I even named it. It's called Osvald, because he has the neat, minimalistic yet highly functional qualities of Swedish design. If he were a person he'd be a hot blond with slightly androgynous features, great glasses and a wardrobe filled with Comme des Garçons. He's the computer version of Ikea.

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