Monday, February 2, 2009

Stuff I Want Folder

Recently my lovely Mum bought me an external hard drive. I was using a pathetic little 80GB hard drive that I may or may not have stolen off my Dad and it couldn't fit nearly enough of the rubbish I love to right click/save.
Upon moving every image from my computer, our family computer and the prehistoric little hard drive to my new, blue light flashing, super giant 500GB Maxtor monster (seriously, it weighs a ton. Like 5 science textbooks in a backpack) I felt as though I had just cleaned out my entire bedroom and come across many precious gems.
Now we come to my took a while didn't it?
I always keep a folder titled "Stuff I Want!" where I save the most fantastic, extravagant, beautiful little pieces of heaven that I would love to (but will never) own. I like to just leave it for a while, 6 months or so, and then have a flick through what I've saved. I imagine much of it's what a magnificant Russian billionare aristocrat has hanging in her wardrobe, lying in her jewellery box and perching on her vanity table. She probably dances around her palatial country house wrapped in layer upon layer of vintage Poiret kimonos and dresses and a big insane Tom Binns necklace with her ipod tucked in her pocket, eating cherries and...alright, this has gone far enough. Here are some goodies...

Saved from TFS and.....a google search for Tom Binns.

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Ali-bell said...

wow... you have quite lovely taste!