Monday, April 6, 2009

Super Heroes

I’ve been re-watching the first series of Heroes again over the past week and my love of the comic book style costuming has fluctuated to worrying levels. All I want to do is slick my hair back and wear a trench coat with the collar turned up. And maybe the ability to fly or read minds or persuade people to do my bidding would be nice, too. The amount of trench coats worn in that show must keep the entire trench coat industry afloat (assuming there is such a thing as a trench coat industry!).

Mostly I’m into the melodrama aspect of the costumes, the baddies wear big billowing black coats, the goodies are impossibly clean cut and the nerds always turn out to have the most extraordinary super powers. Other than being awesome at World of Warcraft.



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Ms Constantine said...

Syler could possibly be the epitome of bad-boy hotness!