Saturday, May 2, 2009

Another BB Post!

There was a great documentary on SBS the other night, And Brigitte Created Bardot. Honestly, I don’t remember anything unless I write it down so I forgot about it.

Luckily it’s online at, click on ‘Watch Full Episodes’ and it’s about three down. Hopefully you don’t have to be in Australia to watch it!

The footage of a younger BB is just lovely, there is a man who declares his intent to marry her & his parents fear that she would divorce him and take his money (despite having never met her!) and there is more backcombed hair than a beauty pageant. She has lived a turbulent life with multiple husbands, suicide attempts, a strained relationship with her only child and an intense focus on her sexualised image, she is such a fascinating woman and her dedication to animal welfare is incredible.

Pics from & TFS

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