Sunday, June 14, 2009

OMG, Alexander McQueen Pre-Fall!

Well, I’ve been completely lazy when it comes to this blog which I kind of treat like a scrapbook without the messy glue and cut up magazines. Like my multitude of actual scrapbooks, I often forget about them and find them months later under my bed, covered in cobwebs.

So, I’m dusting off the cobwebs and having a bit of a drool over Alexander McQueen. I can’t wait to see somebody fabulous pop up in the red gown at an event.

Alexander McQueen03m Alexander McQueen02m

Alexander McQueen16m /Volumes/LaCie/20.01.09_McQueen_Womans/Output/.Shot_06-047.tif

/Volumes/LaCie/20.01.09_McQueen_Womans/Output/.Shot_04-038.tif /Volumes/LaCie/20.01.09_McQueen_Womans/Output/.Shot_35-004.tif

Alexander McQueen15m Alexander McQueen08m

Alexander McQueen20m /Volumes/LaCie/20.01.09_McQueen_Womans/Output/.Shot_05-003.tif

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