Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Year

9 Major Stories Everyone Got Wrong This Year:  Including the Jay Leno/Conan shenanigans, Jessie Slaughter (ie. the “You Dun Goofed” girl, The Social Network and Iphone/Ipad disasters.

USA Today - The Critic's Favourite Books for 2010: I love a good book list. Whenever I read one my wishlist on grows enormously.

PrettyMuchAmazing's Best 100 Songs of 2010: What a great list! Not an ounce of Katy Perry (although her music is fun, I guess) but a proper, well formed list with a great variety of music.

IMDB's Best Movies of 2010: Inception is number one, surprise surprise, but there are a lot of other goodies on the list. I still can’t bring myself to watch 127 Hours though. Like…the guy is trapped on a mountain and cuts his own hand off. How much fun can that be to watch? Although to be fair I did watch Buried which takes place entirely in a coffin.

Top 10 Tv Shows of 2010: Not sure if I agree with the list so much, I felt like the final season of Lost was a big old let down.

So for me, my best shows for 2010 were Misfits, Community, True Blood, Luther (with the amazing Idris Alba from The Wire), Sons of Anarchy, Identity with Aiden Gillen (also from The Wire), Terriers, Boardwalk Empire and two really dorky reality shows- The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and The Bad Girls Club Season 5. And of course, Gossip Girl. What a guilty pleasure!


Al Jazeera's Year in Review: I suppose this is the biggest stories Jazeera covered over the past year. Very interesting. My love of Al Jazeera is unending.

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