Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Rosemary’s Baby screencaps

Just finished watching Rosemary’s Baby, what a great/silly film. I know it’s not supposed to be silly but a room full of people shouting “Hail Adrian!” is comical. Mia Farrow looked amazing, especially once things really kick off!

RosemarysBaby 01RosemarysBaby 02RosemarysBaby 03RosemarysBaby 04RosemarysBaby 05RosemarysBaby 06RosemarysBaby 07RosemarysBaby 08RosemarysBaby 09RosemarysBaby 10RosemarysBaby 11RosemarysBaby 12RosemarysBaby 13RosemarysBaby 14RosemarysBaby 15RosemarysBaby 16RosemarysBaby 17RosemarysBaby 18RosemarysBaby 20RosemarysBaby 21RosemarysBaby 22RosemarysBaby 23RosemarysBaby 24RosemarysBaby 25

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