Saturday, April 16, 2011

Heston’s Feasts

I have been obsessively watching Heston Blumenthal’s show where he does themed feasts over the past week. It really makes me resent my utterly rubbish cooking skills but I’m amazed by his creativity. He’s like a child who just happens to be an incredible chef. Actually, maybe more like a teenager considering he made jelly with dildos in it on one of the episodes…

Hestons Fairytale 01

Hestons Fairytale 02Hestons Fairytale 03

Hestons Fairytale 04Hestons Fairytale 05

Hestons Fairytale 06Hestons Fairytale 07

Hestons Fairytale 09

Hestons Fairytale 08Hestons Fairytale 10

Hestons Fairytale 11

I loved the entirely edible house! ^

hestons 70s 01

hestons 70s 02

hestons 70s 03hestons 70s 04

hestons 70s 05hestons 70s 06

hestons 70s 07

hestons 70s 08hestons 70s 09

Hestons Charlie 02Hestons Charlie 03

Hestons Charlie 04

Hestons Charlie 05

Hestons Charlie 06Hestons Charlie 07

Hestons Charlie 09

Hestons Charlie 10Hestons Charlie 11

Hestons Charlie 12

Hestons Charlie 13Hestons Charlie 15

Hestons Charlie 17

Hestons Charlie 18Hestons Charlie 19

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