Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bits & Pieces

I'm currently fending off an icky head cold, watching Arrested Development and dreaming about really elaborate costume jewellery.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Some Lovely Artists

1-James Gulliver Hancock 2-Kat Macleod 3-Kareena Zerefos 4-Cocopit 5-Biddy Maroney 6-Birdy & Me

Any recommendations? I'm always on the look out for some sweet visual treats.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Fantastic Bookshops

I've always been fascinated with the Shakespeare and Co bookshop in Paris, owned by a grumpy and highly eccentric American man, George Whitman, who offers makeshift beds to travellers that serve as tables for books during the day while they pay for their board by working in the shop.
Whitman bought the bookshop in 1951 for $500 and has played host to Henry Miller, Anais Nin, Allen Ginsberg, William Burroughs and Jack Kerouac. Now Whitman is in his twilight years the shop is run by his daughter, Sylvia Beach Whitman, who is named after the original owner of the shop.
What I love most is the resemblance to Black Books which is a fantastic British comedy about a bitter bookshop owner, Bernard Black, and his dusty, peculiar shop. After watching the documentary I've posted below I have become even more convinced that George Whitman was the inspiration for Bernard Black!

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
And have a look at Shakespeare and Co's website.
PS. A house that looks as though it is made entirely of books!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Bits & Pieces

Wow, I can't believe how incredibly neglectful I've been of this blog. Sometimes I'll start to write an entry and suddenly realise that it's dreadfully boring to read about my love of rainy days. So thanks for stopping by and enjoy a lazily compiled collection of things I'm currently obsessing over.

Great minds think alike, Child of the Moon made an amazing Catherine Denueve post which just has me wanting to wrap my head like a birthday present even more. Check out her post, there is an incredible collection of photos of the beautiful Miss Denueve. But it's her hair that I'm in love with, the combination of the perfectly flicked ends of her hair (is there a name for that style?) and the black bow are my current ideal hairstyle and luckily the little flick can be achieved by rolling the end of your hair around a straightener and a liberal dose of hairspray keeps it in place.

I am coveting daisy themed jewellery which is popping up all over the jewellery chainstores here and is always listed on ebay. While I'm on the lookout for a sweet little daisy ring I can't help getting a little giddy over any daisy jewellery. I saw the daisy/bee necklace at Diva and am lusting after the earring and brooch set from joansclassact on ebay and the very bright 1950's daisy bouquet from Aways Buying And Selling Jewelry (also on ebay).

Trust Mary-Kate Olsen to look completely and utterly adorable and fairy-like for Halloween. I love the sun and moon costumes, and the fact that the rather old lady fabric kimono her friend is wearing has been worn to an event by MK before. Sharing is caring, right? So cute!