Friday, April 23, 2010

Chai Latte and Facebook


Picture by tight-sweater

A gorgeous house on Design Sponge! I love it when Design Sponge has houses that could actually be a normal person’s house, not some amazing designer with oodles of cash at their disposal. I love the mini collections scattered around; mirrors, vases, succulent plants (those things grow like crazy, I kill every plant I get my hands on but not succulents!) and a bounty of flowers.

Giant Panda Cam! I’m a sucker for anything involving animals romping around on hidden camera. For the next 10 years these Wang Wang and Funi at Adelaide Zoo will be available for internet voyeurs to watch. Turns out watching them at 1am is a bad idea unless you like staring at a black screen but tomorrow I’m going to watch me a panda or two.

Scarlette Rose Fairy on Etsy One of my favourite sellers. I was a total hippy back when I was in high school, all I ever wore were tie dyed slip dresses and vintage tees. I LOVE this Esty shop, the slips she dyes are the most beautiful colours and make great pj’s. (I just received my purchases today, am super excited about them!).

To Dry For Brilliant tea towels. I never thought I’d get excited about tea towels (especially since the majority of ours are Christmas print) but this shop has towels printed with the Penguin book cover design, great typography and pictures of delicious looking food.

Monday, April 19, 2010






I love the big tree trunk coffee tables in the last room. It’s such a simple idea and it looks so pure and earthy.

Sunday, April 4, 2010