Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Kate Lanphear Is Great

I'm currently loving Kate Lanphear, Elle's Style Director, who has the most amazing white blonde jagged hair and impeccable, crisp and effortless style. I truly admire anybody who can dress entirely in monochromatics without being boring or repetitive and Miss Lanphear manages to keep her blacks, whites and every shade in between interesting and unusual. And I do love unusual.
I think the thing I like most is her collection of jewellery which is a mixture of studded leather cuffs, chunky chains, industrial style metals and the most complex cocktail rings.
Kabiri.co.uk has the most amazing (expensive) jewellery, Chronicles Of Never make the kind of rings that could cause serious damage if worn on the wrong person's finger (they're like little stacks of metal cubist art) and there's a ton of studded cuffs and jewellery on ebay shops like Ho&Jay, Fancy Tango and the great silver studded cuff pictured above from bffjewelery.