Wednesday, March 30, 2011

(My) Perfect Man

YSL at Dior’s funeral







And if all else fails I’ll just get a boyfriend in a bottle….


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Borgias

I watched the leaked first ep of The Borgias last night which was really watchable and filled with beautiful art, costumes, jewellery, long, long hair and decent amounts of poisoning and murder. I can’t wait for the whole series to air!

Borgias 01Borgias 03

Borgias 04

Lucrezia Borgia is described as having heavy blonde hair which fell past her knees, a beautiful complexion, hazel eyes which constantly changed colour, a full, high bosom, and a natural grace which made her appear to "walk on air"; these were the physical attributes that were highly appreciated in Italy during that period. Another description said that "her mouth is rather large, the teeth brilliantly white, her neck is slender and fair, and the bust is admirably proportioned". –Wikipedia

Borgias 05Borgias 06

Borgias 07

Borgias 08Borgias 09

Borgias 10Borgias 11

Borgias 12Borgias 14

Borgias 15

Borgias 16Borgias 17

The Borgias, also known as the Borjas, were an Italian noble family of Spanish origin; they became prominent during the Renaissance. The Borgias were patrons of the arts; thanks to their support artists of Renaissance could 'spread their wings' and realize their artistic potential. The most brilliant personalities of this era regularly visited their court. The Borgias became prominent in ecclesiastical and political affairs in the 1400s and 1500s. Today they are remembered for their corrupt rule when one of them was Pope. They have been accused of many different crimes, including adultery, theft, rape, bribery, incest, and murder (especially murder by arsenic poisoning). Due to their search for power, they made enemies of other powerful families such as the Medici and the Sforza, as well as the influential Dominican friar Savonarola. –Wikipedia

Borgias 18Borgias 19

Borgias 20Borgias 21

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Borgias 26

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Borgias 37

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