Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bits and Pieces

Monster or Moggie?→ The combination of an African wild cat (the serval and the domestic cat resulted in the Savannah cat which is double the size of a domestic cat. The problem is a half wild/half domestic cat that weighs 20kg and is as big as a medium sized dog doesn't combine well with native fauna. Ever.
Snow White and The Seven Stages of Addiction→ While reading a post about the 9 most racist Disney characters (and wow, there are a lot of them!) and stumbled upon the urban legend that Walt Disney was a cocaine addict who created Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to represent cocaine and 7 of it's side effects. Turns out it's not true (since the brothers Grimm wrote Snow White a million and one years ago) but I love a good urban legend!
Prada SS 2008 Ads→ Sasha Pivovarova in ads shot by Steven Meisel. For Prada. The walls are covered in watercolours and the shoes are like teacups and tulips. Lovely.
New Everyday Minerals Website→ I adore Everyday Minerals, it's the best mineral makeup I've tried (I don't like liquid foundation, it's too heavy and makes my skin break out) and gives skin the most gorgeous glow. They have a new website up with better pictures of all their fantastic products and now my bank account is slightly emptier.

Inspire Foundation Necklaces→ Oh yes, there's nothing like a $5 necklace, especially if more than half the money goes to a good cause. In this case it's to help reduce the rates of youth suicide. I'm not a wild optimist so wearing it with the 'I am happy' showing makes me laugh every time I see it.
Watching "My 15 Year Old Is Trying To Get Pregnant Part 1, Part 2→ Like a British version of Maury, during high school I was addicted to these shows because the concept of having a child that young and being that vicious to my parents was so foreign. Plus, the hosts are always so fantastically patronising!

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