Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cult Favourites and Lovely Makeup

Photos by Marilyn Minter → The most incredible photos of extremely theatrical, sparkly, dramatic makeup. With Halloween coming up (I always get preemptively excited about anything that involves costumes!) her photographs have me wanting to cover my face in glitter and sparkle.

Pic from The Celebrity City

Avene Skin Care → I love looking at the photos of the makeup tables at fashion shows. For starters, I love nosing through my friends makeup bags so it's sort of like nosing through a makeup artists kit. Even more fun is spotting products that aren't completely out of a regular persons budget. For starters, a collection of Avene products which are amazing (I used to work at a Chemist and would constantly use the testers!). Their acne/not so perfect skin treatment Cleanance K is the best, and theirThermal Springwater Spray is amazing, though Evian and a lot of other brands make the same thing.
There seems to a mad love of Aquaphor (which is not available in Australia) amongst makeup artists and...gasp...Mary-Kate Olsen.
"We are both addicted to aquaphor healing ointment under our eyes and on our lips. It creates a dewy look and keeps our skin moisturised."
I assume Aquaphor is similar to the cult favourite Lucas Pawpaw Ointment which is the worlds most amazing lip balm, eye cream, scar treatment and is, as far as I know, only available in Australia.
So, any cosmetic favourites?

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