Wednesday, August 6, 2008

How Zoe Can You Go?

The Rachel Zoe Project → Fashionologie has a preview episode of The Rachel Zoe Project online which will make you faint, flutter and fall in love with the idea of becoming a stylist (like it's that easy or simple). She has rack upon rack of dresses that are far more interesting than she is but that's alright, she has two employees who don't get along and make each other cry so she doesn't need a personality. One of the assistants is the most adorable, foppish gay boy with thick nerd glasses who wants to be friends with the other assistant who is having none of it and wants Rachel Zoe to choose between them. To briefly summarise the show, it's high school with better clothes.
Take The High Road Editorial from UK Vogue. It's most excellent.
Vogue UK September 200811xw4Vogue UK September 200810hc8
Vogue UK September 200842756028fv2Vogue UK September 200880163866lf1
Vogue UK September 200810853293rq2Vogue UK September 200841191543ny1
Vogue UK September 200870039771gu0Vogue UK September 200869843846tt4
Vogue UK September 200822931898ko2Vogue UK September 200812wo6

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