Monday, March 31, 2008

Fashion: I'm Too Fat To Be A Hipster - Interpreting Fashion For Your Figure

Inspired by the song 'I'm Too Fat To Be A Hipster' by Oh Snap!! I am going to admit something. I'm too fat to be a hipster, and like he says in the song "I don't look good in skinny jeans". With this in mind, here are some of my favourite ways to dress for a L+ (size large and up) body. (Want to listen and have a giggle? Go here)

There's no use in damning those cruel fashion goblins in their bell towers for skinny pencil leg jeans, despite the fact that they make women wish they could suck in their thighs and are possibly causing permanent damage to teenage boy's reproductive organs as we speak (the jeans, that is). As it says in the song, "I like to dress fly but f**k it I like food", so refuse to give up sushi, cashew nuts and croissants and find your own way to put a spin on fashion.

Layering the Basics→ Simple pieces are available in every size under the sun hanging in neat little rows at department store like my personal favourite, Target, with it's revamped clothing lines and limited edition Designers For Target(next up, Zac Posen). They're cheap, easy to wear and great for building your wardrobe from the ground up.
Don't fall into the all black trap, every single day in black clothing is not the best way to boost your mood! You may be a rabid fan of black t-shirts but the addition of a long tank or tunic in a colour out of the navy/black family adds a great colour pop, underneath a tee or sleeved shirt.
Looks like....
An American Apparel Sheer Rib Sleeveless V-Neck Tank Top underneath a Sheer Jersey Short Sleeve Deep V-Neck. A multitude of colours and great foundation pieces!
A Topshop Roll Back Crew Tee underneath a Frill Flower Cami, a delicious spearmint green floral with pretty frilled straps.

Divert Attention→ Play with necklines and sleeves to draw attention to your neckline and beautiful face. Statement necklaces like a gorgeous Zoemou water flower necklace (which is in fact a leather cut out, genius!) add quirk and curiosity to your basic layers. Also try a great patterned scarf like the Sunny Girl Floral and Paisley Scarf looped around your neck.

Alternative Pieces→ Thankfully, skinny jeans are not the only option. Fashion is a democracy, not a dictatorship! I love wide legged, man style trousers a la Katherine Hepburn. A little masculine, a little feminine, a lot flattering and incredibly comfortable. Look for shades of fawn, grey and charcoal.
Looks like....
Topshop Stripe Linen Trouser. Great shape with slim vertical stripes. Lovely.
Free People Linen Wideleg Pant from Urban Outfitters.

Alternatively, wide leg jeans with a slim fit around the hips are fab for dressing down and can go very "Bianca Jagger, Studio 54 androgyny" or "cute old time sailor girl" depending on how you style them. Then there's boyfriend jeans, a little slouchy, a little relaxed fit, the kind of jeans that look amazing with clean, wavy hair and glowing skin.
Looks like....
Dorothy Perkins Blue Wide Leg Jeans
Jeanswest Kissa Boyfriend jeans

Interpretation→ This applies most directly to those slippery dippery wet look leggings and trousers that look so clean and sexy on Kate Moss, Ashley Olsen and lucky living dolls but make the majority of us look, well, not so doll like.
Instead, look for accessories in the same fabric. The clever folks at American Apparel make Vinyl Laptop Bags, super roomy and incapable of cruelty to a girls figure. Ruby&Crickette are responsible for a gorgeous, glossy, ink black Alligator Cuff that sends shivers down my spine (in a good way!) and long (slightly fetishistic) Lycra/spandex opera gloves peeking out from underneath a full sleeved jacket looks gorge!
Looks like....
A rainbow of coloured Long Lycra/Spandex gloves on Ebay
Glove Love on Flickr at the DecentGloveGroup

Enjoy, stay sweet and lovely!