Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Costume Institute Gala Favourite!

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I'm a big costume fan and I love seeing all the beautiful dresses at the Met Gala each year although so often the guests completely ignore the theme (like last year's Poiret:King of Fashion theme, hardly anybody dressed the part!). This year it seems the Superhero theme was taken very seriously, although there were no super scary, latex bodysuits (thank god!) and Anna Wintour dressed like a snail in a wig. I'm not entirely certain what super power she would have although snails are hermaphrodites. Clones perhaps?
On the other hand I absolutely adore Christina Ricci's dress, so Wonder Woman with the visible corset/bodysuit (and the original Wonder Woman was there too, looking super Superheroesque), the belt with the star at the back, the sweeping tulle over the shoulders and back and the gorgeous heart shape of the bodice. I dream of dresses like that!

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