Saturday, May 3, 2008

Nicholas X Morley from RAFW

Sadly, it's the end of Rosemount Australian Fashion Week but I love watching the nightly round up of the shows whilst eating a cheese and tomato toastie in my Tony the Tiger pyjamas. It's a classy affair, complete with multiple pairs of socks to fend off the winter chill. It's thoroughly bizarre watching Spring/Summer collections when you can't feel your fingertips or nose from the cold.
One of my favourites for the week was Nicholas X Morley. I like anything with an excessive use of colour, that give you a vibe (I'm thinking slightly drunk, throwing on a new layer of your friends wardrobe with every drink, carrying your shoes under your arm and falling asleep in the cab home), and that make you wonder whether the styling would work in real life (I'm contemplating the ribbons...shorter, less dreadlocky maybe?). Enough of words, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves...

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Anonymous said...

The funny thing was that halfway through the parade a girl tripped up on her shoes and ended up carrying them the rest of the way down the runway :)




Pop Culture said...

Ahhh, that explains a lot. At least she didn't face plant it!