Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Little Cupcake Masterpieces

I've never had much luck with cupcake making, I burn them, under cook them, the icing is too runny or too sweet (I used the Magnolia Bakery recipe and almost died from a diabetic coma, WAY too much sugar in that recipe!) and they never, never, ever look any good. So, until I can wrap my poor little head around proper cooking time and making good icing, I stick to jealously and hungrily perusing these sites.

Made by Le Cupcake
Le Cupcake→ Magnificant little cupcakes and cakes (as seen above!), I spent most of this afternoon flicking through her different designs, wondering how one person can fit so much creativity onto one little cupcake. Her blog is brilliant too, have a look, you'll understand why I'm feeling rather peckish right now.
My Little Cupcake→ A while ago an Aussie magazine did a "Where To Find Cupcakes In Your City" guide (which just shows how popular cupcakes are!) and this shop was featured. It sells treats of the edible and non-edible variety. Oh, and they made a lamington cake in the shape of the Sydney Opera House which is quite possibly the most Australian thing I have ever seen.
Minicupcakes on Flickr→ Amazing little cupcakes, bright and perky and delicious looking. There are even photos of a crowd of people taking photos of the cupcakes, they have an adoring public!

Made by Clever Cupcakes
Clever Cupcakes on Flickr→ Okay, at this point I am dying for a cupcake, DYING! The teensy tuxedo and bustier cupcakes are just the beginning, there are cakes topped with tiny teapots, teacher appreciation cakes with little books and apples perched on top and the most amazing gumball machine cupcake.
There are also some great flickr pools devoted to the cult of the cupcake.
Haute Couture Cakes and Cupcakes
Gorgeous Cupcakes
Cupcake Porn
Cakes For Girls
Excuse me, I appear to have lapsed into a dreamlike state where everything is resembeling a cupcake.


gilda said...

oh my god i want those little corset and tuxedo ones!!!

Pop Culture said...

Aren't the adorable?! That woman wakes the most incredible looking cupcakes.

Gloria said...

wow, the boob cupcakes are definitely something new!