Sunday, May 25, 2008

Signature Jewellery

Signet rings are a tradition in my family; I always loved my Mum's signet ring, a gold heart with her initials, the band slowly bent out of shape over the years. I always wanted a silver version of her ring, but unfortunately we couldn't find a heart, so I settled with a circle. That doesn't stop me lusting over initial jewellery, or contemplating the merits of moving into the world of initial necklaces (gasp). I think a nice, unique piece of jewellery is a perfect coming of age present, I appreciate it more and more every time I see it.

From BittersweetsNY→ Skinny bands that fit up to 4 letters, which is great for people with double barreled names (like me!).
Paraphernalia Personalised Name Necklace→ Super light, cut acrylic in the style of an antique frame with beautiful script writing. I like to imagine these necklaces are what Carrie Bradshaw would wear if she lived in Victorian times (perhaps she would be Carrie Bronte and write with a quill and parchment paper?).
32lives Initial Impression Ring→ Singular initial rings that look like old fashioned typewriter keys, and a bargain to boot ($5.32!). 32lives is all about recycling and reusing materials, which really tickles my fancy.
24-7 Jewellery→ One of my favourite ebay shops because there is just SO many variations on each item, a lot of it's vintage and it's fantastically affordable. Their big plastic initial pins are fantastic, I have a big white J that has been affixed to my makeup bag for the past year.

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