Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sail away....

The season finale of Gossip Girl (yes, I'm obsessed, I know!) has rekindled my love of sailor dresses previously aroused by the adorable sailor top worn by Cassie from Skins. I hunted down a little tunic dress on ebay, with a big white bow and a square collar but it has NOTHING on these dresses.

Screencap from homeofthenutty

1→ Stop Staring French Navy Dress
2→ Captain Navy Blue Bengaline Dress
3→ B. Holiday Dress
4→ Stop Staring Sydney Dress

Listen to:
The Beach Boys - Sloop John B

1 comment:

laureilly1990 said...

Very cool. I like this style of sailor but I also really like Nautical stripes. Zara made some good stuff like that a while ago.