Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Toil And Trouble

Another pitiful Sydney winters day, bright blue sky that promises warmth and the shock of bitter wind that freezes any exposed skin when you step outside. I may have fallen prey to the plaid shirt trend although I justify it by having spent a mere $6 on the shirt, rather than the $80 for a near identical shirt from General Pants, and now sing the plaid shirts praises from the heavens. Or perhaps mutter it's praises under my breath on a noisy street.
Most plaid shirts make me think of cowboys or Nirvana but this one made me think of Luella, the season with the witches hats and crimped hair. It reminded me of what I always thought Halloween in America was like, very gothic and warm like Hocus Pocus. What a brilliant movie.


PS. Read this blog:
Fatgrrl→ A completely friendly, funny and intensely informative blog. What a terrible description! But wow, how did I not know about this damn site before!? The bloggers, Morgan and Ellie, write about life in a thin-crazy world but it's not a 'Wah wah, why am I fat?' kind of blog. I particularly like a recent article of theirs; Breaking up with a friend. Because sometimes it kind of needs to be done.

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Morgan said...

Thanks for the nod! You're welcome at FatGrrl anytime. =^_^=