Saturday, July 26, 2008

Late Night Copy Cat

Every time I see runway makeup or styling that I really like I get the overwhelming urge to try it myself, no matter how silly or exaggerated it may be. I bought Cleo magazine for the first time in a LONG time a few days ago and opened it up to an article about wearing runway hair in everyday life and it reminded me of my attempt to recreate the awesomeness of the Dior HC makeup (minus sticky taped eyebrows, porcelain skin (foundation be damned!) and general model looks).

What has this taught me? I find black and dark cherry lips strangely alluring and excessive winged eyeliner doesn't necessarily equal Amy Winehouse/whoever the latest husky voiced, Golden era mimicking girl+band is.
Also, my love of Mac Fluidlines has once again been confirmed.


gilda said...

hahahah i love how you looked into the camera in your first photo and how you sorta squinted into the camera the second photo! quite sexy.

i tried a similar look like this a little while ago when i went to a flapper costume party during the independence day weekend!! i looked like a total drag queen with crazy make up and super lined eyebrows but i LOVED it :) and yessss, we both drew inspiration from galliano. wheeee! i love him.

Pop Culture said...

Hahaha, I was trying to pull my eyebrows back without having to tape them. Nope, doesn't work well with your hands :)
Wooo, Galliano lovers unite! Now I know why drag queens have such attitude, those arched eyebrows seem to give you instant confidence. I bet you looked awesome :)

Katie @ Très Lola said...

Well it is certainly a dramatic look! I can't pull off anything other than foundation, blush & some lucas paw paw on the lips <3