Wednesday, July 9, 2008

She Does

My Mother Dearest is getting married, under the hot hot heat of the Dubai sun, which means a sleeping pill/tranquiliser ridden aeroplane journey to the UAE and pondering the details of the wedding itself.
For starters, I wonder what my Mum will wear. Because that's obviously the first stop on the thought train. Second wedding for both and they're keeping it casual but what will she wear?
Selfishly, I then wonder what I'll wear. I have a theory that a person must cover more skin than the bride. Obviously the bride isn't going to be wearing a boob tube and short shorts, but if they're showing a gleaming shoulder then you're covering yours. It's along the same line as not wearing white to a wedding. You just don't follow the same clothing road that the bride has gone down.
All the mention of weddings has me thinking about wedding dresses again (I went a few months without dreaming about creamy lace and magnolias) and thus I present more lovely photos I have saved to my computer and forgotten where they came from!

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Such beautiful pieces of art, that's what I think clothing is anyway; beautiful art. :)