Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Winter, my love

Winter does strange things to me, it's as though a little seedling of romance and warmth stirs, starts to grow, little by little each day. Simple things make me happy and I suddenly find myself enjoying the most terribly mundane activities. Yesterday I found myself smiling every time the bus stopped as it was making a "phew" noise, like it was grumpy about being made to work (I have a tendency to attach human attributes to inanimate objects). Then I dropped by my friend Candy's house for a cup of tea and the combination of coming in out of the cold to a warm little house and a warm little drink felt heavenly. This morning I sat outside in the winter sun, cup of coffee in hand, reading 'The Black Dahlia' and moving my chair over as the sun moved and everything just felt so right.
In case you can't tell, I've been in a wonderful mood this week. And I thank winter.

I am also developing an unnatural obsession with Sonia Rykiel's shows, they are so girly and charming and bright. I always thought butterflies were slightly tacky, mostly because of the plethora of girls with a butterfly tramp stamp (IE. tattoo above their arse) but I can now say I have fallen head over heels in love with the fairytale combination of butterflies, flowers and cascading curls. Oh, to have a garden in my hair!


gilda said...

i love winter. i really love the cold! i grew up in singapore where it was summer all year round, so now that i'm living overseas i'm loving the colder weather. it's so hot now in new york, i hate it so much.

i love butterflies in general, and butterflies in hair are just so pretty. sonia rykiel seems to have really transformed themselves and it's such a pretty girly brand now!

Pop Culture said...

Wow, what a big change it must be! Your NY lifestyle is pretty fabulous, heat be damned :)
Totally agree about Sonia Rykiel, it's like a couple of seasons ago it just became a completely different label. I love it though!