Monday, August 11, 2008

Country Colours

China's Tomato & Scramble Egg Olympic Uniform→ I love to watch the Olympic opening ceremony every Olympics, especially for the uniforms and the way each country comes into the stadium. I love the smaller African nations, they always have brilliant outfits, they usually look ecstatic to be there and a lot of them dance. Everything about their entrance is fun!
Unfortunately, I can't say the same for the countries I'm from. For Beijin, the Australian uniform is a vile blue dip dye tracksuit and the New Zealanders are wearing Crocs. Apparently there isn't a lot of affection for the Chinese teams uniform either with people comparing it to a scrambled egg and tomato dish.
The Chinese uniform was one of my favourites, mostly because it reminded me of a boy my friend and I saw at a music festival when we were 15. He was wearing a red shirt and a buttercup yellow tie (it was 2000 and we were all really into quirky boys) and we nicknamed him "the cheese and tomato guy". That and the Chinese uniform looks like the sunset after a really hot summers day.
The reaction we have to colour combinations has always fascinated me. My Mum was a belly dance teacher/performer when I was growing up and made and sold a lot of costumes. This is while we were living in NZ and any black/silver costume she made wouldn't sell because it was too patriotic looking. Black and silver would sell to in Australia but green and gold wouldn't (Aussie colours).
Somebody from another country might not look at a green and yellow outfit and think "Why are you dressed like an Australian rugby supporter?" in the same way that I look at the Chinese Olympic uniforms and don't think of a delicious sounding egg dish. It's the tomato and scramble egg clause.

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