Friday, August 29, 2008

Five Kind Things For Mum

Delicious Herbal Tea → Everybody loves tea, especially the tasty, relaxing kind in an adorable package. Sleepytime Tea is a mixture of chamomile, spearmint, lemongrass, rosebuds and an abundance of ingredients that sound like they are cultivated in your Grandmother's garden. Anything caffine free with mint & chamomile given to your Mum before bed will surely leave her in a dreamy state of heavenly maternal bliss.
Heart Shaped Notes → Love hearts and handwritten notes, a combination not to be passed up. I used to leave my Mum notes on her pillow when I was little (although they were usually an apology for something dreadful I had done!) and she still brings them up. A little note saying "Have a good day!" tucked into her wallet to surprise her when she pays for her morning coffee, or pulls out her bus ticket brings smiles (and possibly questions, what were you doing fishing around in her bag?)
Letters On The Mirror → The discovery of opaque markers (write on the mirror & it washes right off) had me eager to write messages on all the mirrors in my house. Kind words in unexpected places improve everybody's mood...especially a big "Good Morning!"
Voodoo Dolls! → Perfect for the office bound Mum & not quite as terrifying as the real Voodoo thing. It comes with white pins for good fortune (like a promotion or finding lost keys) & black for bad fortune (migraines and an audit!) My Mum had one on her desk until my friend Teresa visited me while I was doing work experience there and promptly split the Voodoo doll's crotch open. As you do.
Tea & Toast In Bed → Nothing goes with Sunday morning and a newspaper like the perfect hot cup of tea, a couple of slices of toast and a perfectly happy Mum. Throw in a bright blue sky and open windows and you have a wonderful, wonderful day.

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