Friday, August 1, 2008

Hats and Words

A lot of the time I want to make a post and I just can't think of what to write. I love writing, some people like to go crazy and punch walls (most of these people have extensive criminal records) but I prefer pen and paper or a keyboard and screen. Some of the time it's the action of making marks on paper, if my head is a mess I copy out passages of books or plays or poetry I like.
I also have a habit of writing on my clothes. I went through a rough time when I finished high school and took to writing on white tshirts with red acrylic paint (which surprisingly and thankfully didn't come off in the wash). I suppose it was less wearing my heart on my sleeve than wearing it in big, angry letters on my chest. Then came a stage where I just wanted to have words near me and I would write inside pieces of clothing. There's something nice about knowing that there are secret words where only you can see them.
And now, somebody I have always admired greatly, Miss Isabella Blow...

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