Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Daphne Guinness is Magnificant

I just get more and more inspired by Daphne Guinness each time I see new pictures of her, she has such a developed, eccentric and unique sense of style. She seems to have streamlined her colour palette to black, white and dashes of red, preferring to experiment with texture and shape while firmly planting her feet in sky high platform Louboutins. There are a lot of things I love about DG's style; the feathers, the hint of fetish wear, the Alaia belts, the black and blonde hair, the armour style driving gloves and the gorgeous metallic fabrics. But the main thing I love is the diamonds. Not just because they're...well, diamonds but because she wears them in such an interesting, nonchalant way and mixes them with such individuality. I adore her!

Pics from & TFS


hrose said...

oh the hon. daphne guiness!
what a fabulous fabulous woman!
i aspire to somehow come into a large amount of money, bedeck myself in diamonds and become an eccentric dresser in sample size couture and incredibly high heels in the manner of the hon. daphne guinness.

I also wish to add the hon. to my name, i think it is so elegant.

i just did a post on daphne actually, because i love how she can be so classy and english whilst at the same time wear things like chain mail and armour gloves, bondage shoes, metal spike embellishments and that glorious streaked hair of hers. how lovely!

molly said...

i love her hair, it reminds me of cruella deville, in the best way possible

On Track said...

Oh yes I agree with you, this woman is fantastic, thank you for sharing :D

Lina said...

I love her style!

Vintage Tea said...

I do love her and her style but for some reason I always think she is much much older than she probably is. I think its the hair.... hmmm lol