Friday, January 23, 2009

Bits and Pieces

goteam Blog Kittens! Scottish Folds! Sweet fuzzy little cat faces that melt my little ice heart. Some people think you need to start the day with breakfast, I think fawning over kittens is far more substantial.
The Orwell Prize George Orwell's diaries, blogged since August 2008. Perfect to start reading now as the diaries begin in 1938 and run until 1942 which means George Orwell will be blogging from beyond the grave until 2012. Orwell religiously documented the eggs laid by his hens and it sounds ridiculous but you'll find yourself anticipating what the number will be everyday. Read the comments people leave, pure nerdy hilarity.
100 Illustrated Horror Film Posters → Hilarious stuff, would you go and see a horror film called "Forbidden Planet"? How about "Robinson Crusoe On Mars"? "The Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane"? Actually, that last one looks really creepy. Why is it that horror movies with evil children are always so intensely scary? There's a second part to the list.
Movie Costumers Guide to Marie Antoinette → Apparently Kirsten Dunst wore 60 different gowns throughout the movie and this guide to the gowns as well as some very brave people who have actually made replica's is pure eye candy.
And finally, a super quick flick through my favourite Christmas present, the Olsen twin's book Influence.

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